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Participants needed for paid study on drinking alcohol

From: Addiction Recovery Research Center

Cutting back on alcohol use? Join our decision-making study today! IRB #22-358

Study purpose: Look at drinking patterns before and after a behavioral intervention with a study-provided breathalyzer.


  • Must be 21-65 years old
  • Cannot be pregnant or lactating
  • Willing to do fMRI scan and provide breath samples 3x/day

If you qualify for this research, participation involves:

  • Approximately 10 weeks
  • 6 in-person sessions ranging from 1-3 hours each
  • Drinks and breath samples remotely reported daily
  • Two fMRI sessions
  • Computerized assessments

Compensation per in-person session:

  • Session 1 up to $15
  • Session 2 up to $25
  • Session 3 up to $45
  • Session 4 up to $30
  • Session 5 up to $45
  • Session 6 up to $50
  • May be eligible for $150 study bonus based on completion
  • Up to $700 for completion of all sessions
  • Additional compensation may be provided for MRI scans and/or travel

*not a treatment study


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