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Paid research study about Virginia Tech faculty work-life balance

From: The Office of Faculty Affairs

Virginia Tech teaching and research faculty members of all ranks, including tenure-track or tenured, collegiate, clinical, or instructional, are invited to participate in a study about work-life balance and burnout.

Faculty roles tend to be very demanding, which may intensify burnout and reduce work-life balance. The goal of this study is to understand both short-term and chronic influences on burnout and work-life balance in Virginia Tech teaching and research faculty and evaluate how different university policies and resources affect outcomes. Participation requires:

  • Completing an online survey
  • Completing brief daily surveys during a five-day work week
  • Optionally, joining a focus group to provide more detailed feedback about experiences at Virginia Tech and with various work-life balance initiatives

You’ll be able to earn up to $50 for completing the study. Additionally, the Office of Faculty Affairs will use your feedback to inform future programmatic and policy decisions.

To participate, please complete the screener survey here.

For more information, contact Rosanna Breaux ( or Charles Calderwood ( of the Department of Psychology.

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