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2023 faculty and staff salary and merit increases

From: Human Resources and Provost Office

The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors and Commonwealth of Virginia have approved a 5 percent pool to increase the compensation of our valued employees. With these approvals:

  • Earned increases for calendar year faculty and university and classified staff will be effective June 10, 2023. Employees will see any increase in their July 3, 2023, paycheck.
  • Academic year faculty earned increases will be effective Aug. 10, 2023, and employees will see any increase in their Sept. 1, 2023, paycheck.

To be eligible to receive merit pay:

  • Faculty must have been hired by Dec. 10, 2022, to be eligible, and merit increases were informed by the content of their Faculty Activity Report.
  • University staff must have been hired by March 10, 2023, and have at least an “acceptable/developing” performance level on their most recent evaluation. University staff merit increases were based upon a review of performance evaluations.
  • Eligible classified staff received a base salary increase of 5 percent as these positions are governed by the state.

Employees who are receiving an increase will receive a notification prior to the increase effective date. See the table below for additional information on how Virginia Tech’s compensation program will be implemented.

  Authorized State Program University Implementation
Faculty (T&R, A/P, Research) 5.0%
  • 4.0% merit-based increase (variable) 
  • 1.0% special adjustment, including National Distinction and Outstanding Contributor (variable) 
University Staff  5.0%
  • 3.0% base increase (across-the-board) 
  • 2.0% merit-based increase (variable) 
Classified Staff  5.0%
  • 5.0% base Increase  (across-the-board as mandated by the state) 


If you have questions about the 2023 compensation program, please contact your supervisor or college or department human resources representative. 

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