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Access one-on-one support with Care Specialists

From: Hokie Wellness

Are you faced with a major life change? Do you have the capacity to explore all the options available to help you manage this change?

Through, employees have unlimited access to Care Specialists, who can provide guidance and support for such major life changes as finding the best options for aging parents, moving across the country, exploring how to pay for college, and more. They are also available to help with daily needs such as pet care or house cleaning services.

Care Specialists can save time by researching, identifying, and vetting resources that meet an employee’s unique needs. They will:

  •  Assess your needs
  • Help you understand care options
  •  Identify, pre-screen, and qualify potential providers using their nationwide database saving you on average 13 hours per request
  • Follow up to ensure your needs are met

Care Specialists include former teachers, nannies and autism specialists; social workers; paralegals; and gerontologists. All specialists have, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree and an average of 6.5 years of experience in their field.

For more information, register at or contact Hokie Wellness at or call 540-231-8878.

About offers employees child and adult backup care, a membership, and 24/7 access to Care Specialists. This benefit is available to all full-time faculty and staff across all Virginia Tech campuses and offices during a one-year pilot program. 

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