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Individuals of all physical activity levels needed for a research study

From: Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise

We need individuals of all physical activity levels (18-60 years of age) for a study examining the relationship between physical activity level and the total number of calories expended each day (IRB #21-567).

Participants must be non-pregnant, with stable body weight over the past year (±5 lb), and free of cardiovascular, lung, metabolic, kidney disease or cancer. We look for sedentary or regular exercisers, with no recent injury or other reason that has changed the daily physical activity. This study will require 1 virtual meeting and 2 visits to the Human Integrative Physiology Laboratory at Virginia Tech, which will take approximately 6 hours.

Participants will be entered in a drawing for $25 cash (odds of being selected 1 in 5).

You will receive information on your body composition, aerobic capacity and other health information. Please if you are interested in participating or want more information contact to Kristen or Olalla by email at

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