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From: Hokie Wellness

Virginia Tech employees can post a job on the website for any variety of jobs, including baby sitters, pet sitters, tutors, and housekeepers.

The site includes comprehensive information about the caregiver’s qualifications and experience, and listings often include detailed reviews.

Every caregiver completes’s background check, called CareCheck. CareCheck includes:

  • Social Security number trace
  • National sex offender public website search
  • Multi-jurisdictional criminal database search
  • Federal and county criminal records search

Once the initial CareCheck is completed, caregivers are subject to recurring checks. You have the option to buy enhanced background checks, such as a criminal records check and a motor vehicle check. You get a copy of the full report to help you make the best hiring decision.

You pay for caregivers through the website or Care app.

Helpful resources

How to post a job.
How to write an effective baby sitter job description.
6 tips to setting expectations and evaluating your pet caregiver.


Virginia Tech is partnering with to offer a one-year pilot program offering child and adult backup care, a membership, and 24/7 access to Care Specialists. This benefit is available to all full-time faculty and staff across all Virginia Tech campuses and offices.

To access

For assistance or questions, contact Hokie Wellness at or 540-231-8878.


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