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TimelyCare offers no-cost mental health and wellness resources to employees

From: Hokie Wellness

Virginia Tech offers no-cost mental health and wellness resources to employees from TimelyCare.

TimelyCare is a virtual health service available to full-time faculty and staff and non-student wage employees.* Employees may access TimelyCare services regardless of their location in the United States. Employees can connect to TimelyCare by computer, tablet, or smartphone using their Virginia Tech email address. Both phone and video sessions are available.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access TimelyCare?

To access TimelyCare, sign up with your email address at

  • Complete a short health survey. All information shared with TimelyCare is confidential, secure, and HIPAA compliant.
  • Click “Get Care.”

What services does TimelyCare offer?

TimelyCare offers employees three services:

  • TalkNow, an on-demand service available 24/7 that connects an employee with a mental health professional to address issues promptly by telephone or video. It provides immediate care in a crisis.
  • Twelve scheduled counseling appointments per academic year with counselors licensed in the state where the employee is located.
  • Unlimited health coaching appointments providing information and guided sessions on well-being topics such as dealing with conflict, time management, exercise, sleep, nutrition, weight management, tobacco cessation, mindfulness, and more.

How much does a TimelyCare visit cost?

There is no visit cost for full-time faculty, staff, and non-student wage employees at Virginia Tech.

When can I have a TimelyCare visit?

TimelyCare visits are available 365 days a year during regular business hours as well as after-hours and on weekends.

How many scheduled counseling visits can I have?

Each eligible person can have up to 12 scheduled counseling visits per academic year. The visit limit will reset annually on August 1. If you need additional counseling support, the TimelyCare team can help find additional resources and ensure continuity of care. TalkNow and Health Coaching visits are available on an unlimited basis.

How does TimelyCare ensure my privacy?

All the information you provide is encrypted and protected, and the TimelyCare platform is HIPAA compliant. Your information will not be shared with Virginia Tech.

Can my dependents have TimelyCare visits?

TimelyCare visits are only available to Virginia Tech full-time faculty, staff, and non-student wage employees. TimelyCare visits are not available to dependents.

Does TimelyCare offer services in languages other than English?

Yes. TimelyCare allows you to invite a trained interpreter into a virtual health session. Once you begin a virtual visit, select the interpreter icon on your screen. Through a partnership with LanguageLine, TimelyCare is able to provide access to over 11,000 on-demand interpreters who are able to speak more than 240 languages. This solution is available 24/7 for both on-demand and scheduled TimelyCare visits.

For Assistance

If you have additional questions about TimelyCare, contact TimelyCare at or 1-833-4-TIMELY, or contact Hokie Wellness at or 540-231-8878.

* Student wage and graduate assistants are able to access TimelyCare as well. Visit the TimelyCare page on Cook Counseling Center’s site for more information.

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