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New Virginia Tech PageUp Performance Management System (PfM) is live for benefited staff

From: Human Resources

Virginia Tech’s new PageUp Performance Management System (PfM) launched last week for all benefited staff members.

The new system integrates with the PageUp applicant tracking (ATS), onboarding, and learning management (LMS) systems and will:

  • Provide tools to document touchpoints between supervisors and employees through the ability to journal, comment, and upload files.
  • Support probationary reviews, eliminating the paper P125 form.
  • Supply enhanced status reporting for HR leaders of all performance cycles within their senior management area.
  • Integrate employee's position descriptions into their review by automatically importing job duties from the PageUp ATS.
  • Generate system emails to employees, supervisors, and reviewers as they move through the steps in the performance cycle.

To learn more, access the new system, and view training materials, visit the Performance Management website. Training materials include videos, training aids, short-narrated tutorials, and online and in-person training.

For questions or more information, contact your HR Performance Management Partner or the Performance Management Team at 540-231-9331 or

Note: The PageUp Performance Management System delivered a staggered roll-out of system emails last week to employees and supervisors announcing individual reviews were launched. Notification emails were sent from VT Performance <>. Anyone who thinks they should have received an email notification, and did not receive one, please contact the Performance Management Team.

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