Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s decision to end six weeks of silence and acknowledge President-elect Joe Biden clears the way for the Senate to focus on other pressing matters, according to Virginia Tech political expert Karen Hult.  

On the Senate floor Tuesday, McConnell congratulated Biden, admitting that the electoral college had spoken.

“Majority Leader McConnell's statement, albeit long overdue, may signal to other congressional Republicans and others in the Party that it's safe to acknowledge Biden as President-elect,” said Hult.  “It also permits the focus to be on the pending COVID aid package, the Georgia senate races and remaining judicial confirmations.”

McConnell is also calling on Republicans to avoid challenging the electoral college results, officially declaring Biden as the winner, during the certification in early January.

“It seems very unlikely, given the Democratic House, for the certification ultimately to fail. It strikes me that there is some likelihood that one or more states will be contested by House-Senate pairs, pushing consideration back to the individual chambers,” said Hult.

About Karen Hult

Virginia Tech political science professor Karen Hult serves on the advisory board to the White House Transition Project. She teaches political science at Virginia Tech and its Center for Public Administration & Policy, with expertise in the U.S. Presidency and organizational and institutional theory.

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