The following is a message to Virginia Tech employees from Ed Jones, director of Virginia Cooperative Extension and honorary chair of the 2015 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign.

Dear colleagues,

I’d like to thank everyone who has made a pledge to the Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign. As of Nov. 17, we have raised more than $216,890, thanks to the generosity of just 13 percent (994) of our employees.

If you haven’t made a pledge yet, we could use your help.

A gift of just $2 per paycheck to the CVC would not only help Virginia Tech meet its $325,000 goal, it will help many people in need throughout the coming year. 

Making a donation is simple with the online pledge form. You decide how much you want to give, and a calculator determines how much to deduct each pay period. Or, you can elect to make your entire contribution at once. You can also make cash or check donations by completing our pledge form and returning it to the Department of Human Resources (0318).

You can designate your gift to one of the more than 1,000 local and national charities. All charitable donations made through CVC are eligible for tax deduction status.

With the Thanksgiving holiday just around the corner, what better way to reflect on what we are thankful for and how we might make a difference in someone else’s life than with a gift to the CVC?

Please consider making a pledge today.


Ed Jones
Honorary Chair, 2015 Commonwealth of Virginia Campaign
Associate Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Director, Virginia Cooperative Extension

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