Three years down. One to go. 

“I want to try to do a much as I can and really enjoy my last semesters here,” said Greg Lomaka of Henrico, Virginia, a senior majoring in statistics in the College of Science.

Lomaka is one of thousands of Hokies about to embark on their senior year at Virginia Tech. Also among the thousands are Greg’s three siblings: Kate, majoring in human nutrition, foods, and exercise in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences; Chris, majoring in building construction and real estate in the College of Architecture and Urban Studies; and Steve, majoring in business information technology in the Pamplin College of Business. They are quadruplets – the university’s only set ever to enroll together and now set to graduate together as well.

Over the past three years, Greg Lomaka has put an emphasis on academic success, earning high grades in a rigorous program of study. He’s done so well that he debated graduating in December, but decided to stay, take more classes, and enjoy another semester to graduate with his siblings in May.

A close relationship with his academic advisor helped keep Lomaka on track. “She just helped me throughout my whole time here at Tech. She’s helped me get scholarships and make my schedule,” Lomaka said. “Talking to her more and more shows that she’s really invested in me. She wants me to do well and wants me to succeed. It’s been awesome to have a person like that.”

While Lomaka is still not sure what he will do after graduation, weighing both graduate school or heading straight into the workforce, he will be busy this year working as a resident advisor in Pritchard Hall, a gig he started last year that quickly became a highlight of his university experience.

“[Being a resident advisor] is a great way to work on public speaking and develop relationships with your residents and your staff,” Lomaka said. “It was a really rewarding experience because you have the same residents the entire year and seeing how they transition from freshmen to college students is great.”

One piece of advice Lomaka has for new students: Go to Gobblerfest. “I should have taken Gobblerfest more seriously, because that’s where you learn about things that Tech has to offer. Obviously you want to take full advantage of your time at college and I should have done more.”

Now, he has two more semesters to turn any “should-haves” into “dones” and soak in all that Virginia Tech has to offer, along with his brothers and sister.

“I still don’t realize that I’m about to graduate next year,” Lomaka said. “It will be exciting to start on our own career paths and really figure out our lives. We all branched out in college but potentially having a physical separation after graduation will be different. I’ve been less than a five-minute walk away from them my whole life.”

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