The progress reports on the 86 InclusiveVT initiatives proposed by senior leaders at Virginia Tech are available for the public to review.

InclusiveVT is the new universitywide effort to advance inclusion and diversity on campus. As part of the new approach, the university’s deans, vice presidents, and other senior leaders proposed at least three initiatives designed to affect change within their areas of responsibility. Leaders submitted proposals last November; they were shared publicly in December.

Late this spring, leaders assessed their area’s progress towards the goals they set. The progress reports document is now available online for the university community to review and provide feedback.

“This is an opportunity for the university community – faculty, staff, students, alumni, and friends – to take a look at our own evaluation of the initiatives and provide genuine feedback on what is working and how we can improve,” said President Timothy D. Sands.

The President’s Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council welcomes feedback on the progress report, in particular, looking for themes that emerged, opportunities for cross-campus collaboration, and areas of concerns or gaps in the current initiatives that should be considered for future action. The council requests feedback by June 2.

Over the summer, senior leaders will meet with Karen DePauw, vice president and dean for graduate education and project leader of the InclusiveVT initiatives, to review current initiatives and progress made, as well as suggestions for the future. “Through this process, we should be able to identify collaborative projects and gap areas in which we can implement new efforts and maximize efficiency in our use of resources,” DePauw said.

As a result of the feedback and analysis of the current initiatives, in addition to consideration of the university’s ongoing efforts as it relates to inclusion and diversity, the President’s Inclusion and Diversity Executive Council will determine the next steps for InclusiveVT.

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