Virginia Tech is expected to feel busier this summer as enrollment numbers for both summer sessions climb and campus gets ready to host its first-ever Virginia Tech Summer Academy.

As of May 16, more than 8,900 students were enrolled in both summer sessions, up from 8,750 last year. Between each session, more than 1,800 class sections are offered, with more than 250 of those online. Special for this summer, a couple of high-demand math courses that are typically offered at the Math Emporium are being taught face-to-face.

Starting concurrently with the second summer session, University Summer Sessions will launch the first-ever Virginia Tech Summer Academy, an optional program for first-year students to help transition more seamlessly into the college experience.

The deadline to enroll in the Virginia Tech Summer Academy was May 15. More than 180 incoming first-year students have applied to participate.

Participating students will move to campus in July, take two courses, and engage in a variety of activities to become accustomed to campus, the community, and the demands of college. Virginia Tech Summer Academy offers 13 different learning tracks for students to select, that couple courses to fulfill general education requirements or specific requirements for certain majors.

"We are thankful for the support of the entire campus community to make the first Virginia Tech Summer Academy a success, as well as increasing interest for all students to stay and be engaged in the university over the summer," said Daniel Wubah, vice president for undergraduate education and deputy provost.

"Students enrolled in summer sessions receive several academic advantages – such as smaller class sizes, research opportunities, and ease in signing up for required classes that often fill up quickly during fall and spring," said Michael Herndon, director of University Summer Sessions. "Another draw is the variety of entertainment options in the area during the summer, such as outdoor leisure activities and community events like the Summer Arts Festival."

Classes for the first summer session began today. Students may enroll in the session through Wednesday, May 23. The session runs through June 28. 

The second summer session will begin on July 2 and run through Aug. 9. Students have through Thursday, July 5 to enroll in classes for this session.

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