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Cranwell International scholar invested in making an impact

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Barakaeli Lawuo is an undergraduate computer engineering major from Tanzania, Africa. He is the first recipient of the scholarship for international students endowed by the Cranwell family, namesakes of the Cranwell International Center.
My name is Barakaeli Lawuo. I'm a sophomore, Virginia Tech, and I study computer engineering. The Bill and Ellen Cranwell Foundation scholarship is a fully-funded scholarship given to a student, by that time, a student from the African continent. To study at Virginia Tech for four years through the Cranwell International Center. Prism is a faculty-led, student-run marketing agency in the Pamplin business school that works with different clients. One of the things that I've been working on recently with VT Prism is showcasing different majors. So I've been going to classes, filming videos, and just encouraging incoming students to also consider as kind of majors. After graduation, I want to apply my computer engineering skills in just automating agriculture. I just believe agriculture has a huge potential in developing Tanzania and the world in general. I feel like just through the experience I'm getting through Prism, working together with people. I can be able to translate the same kind of experience, um, working with people back home to make an impact in my community.