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Campus dining offers tasting tour of sustainable foods

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Virginia Tech Dining Services hosted their fourth annual Sustainable Eats Tour. This is a walking tour of dining locations on campus where students sampled a selection of foods and beverages focused on campus sustainability initiatives.
This event provides more sustainable menu options for our students here in our dining centers. We focus on plant forward and plant-based food options for them to try throughout the Sustainable Eats Tour. If you guys would like some coffee, we have two drip coffee stations over there. We go into various locations throughout Virginia Tech, first starting at Owens food court, then going to West End Market, Dietrick, Squires, GLC plaza, and finally at our Turner place, that Lavery Hall location, students will get the visit our Homefield farm stand. Here, they'll have the opportunity to purchase local produce directly from our university farm. So this is a purely Virginia Tech program. We had our first event in 2019, and it's been going on ever since. Cricket powder has a lower carbon footprint than both meat and poultry. So it's an opportunity for us to showcase lower carbon footprint menu items here at our dining centers. Students will arrive at our different stops. Our chefs and different dining services staff members will get overviews of why their different products that they're serving are local, are sustainable. Students will get to taste test all the different food and beverages there We're also going to have Homestead Creamery at one of our stops. So a great local vendor near Virginia Tech. But really, it's educating students also about how they can be more sustainable while they're at Virginia Tech and then post-graduation. So really being stewards of the environment as much as possible.