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Students discover study abroad opportunities at the fall fair

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Education Abroad at Virginia Tech challenges students to engage with the world by providing study abroad opportunities that are academically, culturally, and personally enriching. This year's Global Education Office Fall Fair welcomed students to learn about study abroad opportunities by talking with leaders and coordinators of faculty-led programs, partner universities, or third-party providers on campus.

We have opportunities in just about any country you can think about for just about any major. We like to say that any major can study abroad, any students can study abroad. Again, we have options in Europe and Africa, Asia, every continent. We even have programs that go to Antarctica. So our fair is just a way for us to really get connected with the Virginia Tech community here. We have a selection of different faculty led exchange programs and third-party programs that our students can kind of check out, talk to the providers about, find out some more information about what's available to them. At a lot of our booths, we actually have students that have traveled before on the program that they're representing. So that's a great option for students to talk to people that have been on the program maybe that they're interested in to find out more information, how they enjoyed it, what parts they liked, what parts they didn't. I studied abroad this past summer in June and I did the VT El Camino program. I think that just being in Spain and having like other students your age impacted me in a way that I felt like more at home. And more confident with myself in being in this new country without anything that I've ever known. So yeah, I loved it. There's a lot of value in studying abroad, both culturally and academically. So culturally students are getting to encounte