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The campus will bring together hundreds of new graduate students, dozens of new faculty members, and numerous industry partners. As part of its plan to increase undergraduate enrollment to 30,000 students, Virginia Tech also will increase undergraduate enrollment by 2,000 students in computer science, computer engineering, software engineering, and related disciplines at its Blacksburg campus over the next eight years.
Virginia Tech is building something unique. This campus is really all about connectivity between what's going on in academia and what's going on in industry. So unlike a traditional academic campus, where that's a very transactional relationship, here we wanted to interface between industry, strong partnerships because really industry is going to be the inspiration for the work that we do on campus. The launch of the Innovation Campus in northern Virginia is driving a change in graduate education, and building on Virginia Tech's long history in the greater Washington DC area. DC is probably a more important city than ever before. Where global dialogue happens. Where global decisions are made. That's where a lot of things going to happen. And so by having Virginia Tech have a presence there to be on the doorstep of all of that, to me it allows Virginia Tech to be center stage in a way that no other university is able to. Not only are we building an incredibly important Tech campus, in an important region of the proximity to the federal government means that we're just going to have opportunities that we've never had before with four masters degree programs in computer science and computer engineering. Right now there's a significant gap in the number of people with training in computer science and computer engineering. And so as we think about the Innovation Campus, it's really about how Virginia Tech can fill that gap, both at the graduate level, at the masters and PhD level. But of course it starts with the undergraduate degree production at the BS level. It's yet another way Virginia Tech can create a pipeline and talent workforce of tomorrow. We want our students to be as well prepared as they possibly can be to go out and have amazing careers. And a really important part of that is us understanding what industry needs from our students. And so, you know, we really care very much about building partnerships with business and industry to help us understand their needs, to make sure we really are producing the talent that will help drive their futures. Virginia Tech, preparing tomorrow's leaders and transforming Washington DC into the nation's next great tech hub.