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A Reminder Regarding COVID-19

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A reminder to students from Mojdeh Nourbakhsh on important precautions to take to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus. 
[00:00:00] >> Hey fellow Hokies, It's Moj, I'm here to remind you about some important tips for the coronavirus. One of the first things that's really important is avoiding crowds as hard as it is- I love seeing my friends, I love being around Tech and going downtown but we definitely have to avoid crowds to flatten the curve. [00:00:20] You never know who is going to be sick around you and not showing symptoms so its really important to stay away from others to make sure that you don't get the virus and spread it around to others. Another thing that's really important is staying away from people that are sick and are showing symptoms. [00:00:34] If you're around people that are sick, or you live with them, definitely washing your hands more often and wiping down all your surfaces with antibacterial wipes is super important.