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    A tedious, time-consuming effort to unearth prehistoric life , video

    Fossils from Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and beyond are cleaned and prepared for study at Virginia Tech's Paleontology Prep Lab. "Everything in here is over 200 million years old," says Assistant Professor Michelle Stocker. "Everything that we're digging up is a fossil that no human has ever seen before, in most cases." These fossils not only further our understanding of past life on earth, but they also help us understand the biodiversity that we have today.

    Date: Feb 22, 2023
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    Department of Geosciences’ community fossil unpacking party returns after two-year hiatus , article

    The event, open to all campus and community members, takes place at 7 p.m. Aug. 30 in 2062 Derring Hall, longtime home of the Virginia Tech Museum of Geosciences. The fossils to be unpacked were discovered this past summer in digs in Arizona and Texas.

    Date: Aug 24, 2022
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    Preserving history through modern paleontology , video

    Virginia Tech paleontologist Sterling Nesbitt and University Libraries’ 3D Design Studio Manager Max Ofsa are scanning, digitizing and replicating prehistoric bones using a modern form of paleontology.

    Date: Dec 13, 2019
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    Virginia Tech paleontologist discovers new, miniature relative of Tyrannosaurus rex , video

    Virginia Tech paleontologist Sterling Nesbitt finds the fossil of a new relative of the Tyrannosaurus rex. Standing at roughly 3 feet tall and approximately 9 feet in length, the newly named animal is much smaller than its ferocious cousins made popular in movies and books.

    Date: May 06, 2019