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    60th anniversary of March on Washington: Political expert provides perspective , article

    As the nation prepares to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, Virginia Tech political science and Africana Studies professor Brandy Faulkner provided insights into the importance of the march, then and now.

    Date: Aug 25, 2023
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    These foods tell America's story , article

    For nearly a decade, Anna Zeide, associate professor of history and director of the Food Studies program at Virginia Tech, has used food as her platform for research and teaching. Through her work, she found, 15 foods —from spaghetti to green bean casserole — that tell America’s story.

    Date: Jun 30, 2023
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    Five honorees inducted into College of Science’s Hall of Distinction , article

    New members are Lewis L. Lanier, Kathryn Parker Martin, Benjamin Z. Stallings II, Paul M. Thorn, and James D. Watkins. They bring the total number of Hall of Distinction members to 44.

    Date: Jun 22, 2023
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    Research collaboration uncovers stories of racial discrimination in housing covenants , article

    The project shows how racial segregation in Northern cities "was a system that was intentionally created, house by house, block by block, and subdivision by subdivision, across the city and across the country,” said LaDale Winling, associate professor of history and the study's principal investigator.

    Date: Jun 20, 2023
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    Phi Beta Kappa recognizes excellence in creativity and research among faculty members, students , article

    Sophia Terazawa, Amanda Demmer, Stephanie Sheets, and Dwight Bigler claimed the 2023 prizes from the academic honor society for books of history and poetry, a scholarly essay, and a musical composition for choir and orchestra.

    Date: Jun 07, 2023
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    Interdisciplinary team receives continued support to visualize the past , article

    Through a National Endowment for the Humanities grant, Pamplin Historical Park visitors will soon use augmented reality to interact with historical lessons and stories of the Petersburg, Virginia, Civil War site to inspire deeper empathy, curiosity, and understanding.

    Date: May 31, 2023
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    Jennifer Hart named chair of Department of History , article

    Hart is a historian of technology, infrastructure, mobility, and urban space in Africa, with a focus on 20th century Ghana.

    Date: May 17, 2023
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    Mark Barrow wins 2023 Teaching Scholar Award for the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning , article

    The award, presented by the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, recognizes the impact of Barrow’s teaching innovations, including a fresh approach to a capstone history class and a 20-year-old pedagogy community of practice.

    Date: May 11, 2023
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    The changing nature of faculty mentoring , article

    With more than half of Virginia Tech faculty looking for increased support to be good mentors, a monthlong series of events from the Office of Faculty Affairs aims to reestablish what mentoring can — and should — look like.

    Date: Mar 03, 2023
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    Grant fuels project to highlight untold history across Appalachia , article

    Emily Satterwhite and Katrina Powell have received a $3 million grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation for a three-year project to work with communities across the state’s Appalachia region to commemorate neglected histories.

    Date: Mar 02, 2023
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    Expert recovers the history of Black communities in late-1800s Appalachia , article

    The commemoration of Black History Month affords an opportunity to explore the rich history of Black communities in Appalachia between the end of the American Civil War and the beginning of the Jim Crow era. Daniel Thorp, an associate professor of history at Virginia Tech, has dedicated his research toward this aim.

    Date: Feb 14, 2023
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    Cookie swaps, gingerbread, peppermint, and more: Holiday food history uncovered , article

    No matter the holiday, winter celebrations tend to have at least one common thread — food. Food Studies Program Director Anna Zeide, along with program affiliates Courtney Thomas and Kira Dietz, discuss their favorite holiday traditions and share history behind the season's most iconic foods.

    Date: Dec 21, 2022
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    New website showcases Virginia Tech’s IT history , article

    The Division of Information Technology created the website dedicated to the history of computing and information technology at Virginia Tech as part of the sesquicentennial celebration.

    Date: Dec 20, 2022
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    Amy Nelson honored with emerita status , article

    A member of the Virginia Tech community since 1992, Nelson’s teaching and research focused on Soviet history, animal studies, and digital history.

    Date: Dec 15, 2022
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    Using public art to illustrate Virginia Tech's layered histories , video

    Two new public art pieces have been installed on the Solitude and Fraction Family House grounds. The works are intended to leverage the relationship between public art and history as means of representation, dialogue, and education to demonstrate the ways historically marginalized communities have and will continue to shape Virginia Tech.

    Date: Dec 02, 2022
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    Center for Oral History captures and preserves the stories of lived experiences , article

    The college-level center brings together practitioners, researchers, archivists, technical experts, Institutional Review Board representatives, and community advisors into a standalone group focused on the process and practice of oral history. The center is based in the University Libraries with partners in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences and the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine.

    Date: Dec 01, 2022
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    No Ordinary Moment: 150 Years of Virginia Tech History , video

    No Ordinary Moment: 150 Years of Virginia Tech, a moving portrayal of 150 years of the university's history through photos, videos, and sound.

    Date: Oct 20, 2022
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    Vaughn-Oliver Plaza dedicated to family of first-known Black employee , article

    Andrew Oliver began working as a janitor at Virginia Tech in the 1870s. The school's agriculturist dubbed Oliver a "natural tree artist" because of the many trees that he planted around campus.

    Date: Oct 06, 2022
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    In memoriam: Trudy Harrington Becker , article

    According to those who loved her, Gertrude "Trudy" Becker, a senior instructor of history at Virginia Tech, was a million intricacies wrapped into one incredible human being.

    Date: Sep 20, 2022
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    What's in the Backpack? , video

    As you climb up the stairs to the Upper Quad on the Blacksburg campus, you will come upon William Addison Caldwell, or rather Lawrence Bechtel’s sculpture of him. As you move past this bronze tribute to the first student to enroll at Virginia Tech, maybe you notice his haversack. As you see this precursor to the modern backpack, maybe you wonder what is in it. In honor of Caldwell’s 150th anniversary of traveling from Sinking Creek, Virginia, to Blacksburg, Bechtel is sharing what he envisioned in the haversack, and what he used to give the sculpture depth. Bechtel ’85 has been both an English instructor and the first recycling coordinator for the university, but besides being a sculptor, he is also a writer. In this creative non-fiction telling, Bechtel reminds us that Caldwell was not so different from today’s students.

    Date: Sep 06, 2022

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