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Medical Survey Questionnaire for research travel

From: Environmental Health and Safety

In order to ensure your health and safety during your travels, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) offers access to vaccines for those traveling outside the United States to conduct research. It is imperative that Virginia Tech employees complete the Medical Survey Questionnaire at least 60 days prior to departure for research-related travel outside the United States.

The Medical Survey Questionnaire is a crucial step in assessing your individual health needs and determining what services may be required for your specific travel destination. Additionally, EHS will review your survey responses to authorize any required vaccinations to protect you from potential health risks associated with your research travel.

If a researcher is working under an approved institutional biosafety committee (IBC) or an institutional animal care and use committee (IACUC) protocol, the medical survey is required. 

To ensure a smooth process, please follow these guidelines:

  • Timing: Submit the Medical Survey Questionnaire to EHS at least 60 days prior to your planned departure. This will allow sufficient time for review and any necessary vaccinations to be completed prior to your travel. Please note that if the survey is not completed within this timeframe, it may not be possible to expedite the process in time for your departure.
  • Completing the survey: You can access the Medical Survey Questionnaire here. Take your time to answer all the questions accurately and provide any additional information requested. The more detailed your responses, the better EHS will be able to assess your needs.
  • Review and authorization: Once your survey is submitted, EHS will carefully review your responses and determine what services are required for your travel. If vaccinations are deemed necessary, EHS will provide authorization and guidance on how to proceed.

We cannot stress enough the importance of completing the Medical Survey Questionnaire in a timely manner. Your health and well-being are our utmost priority, and this process ensures that we can provide you with the necessary support and precautions to minimize any potential health risks during your research travel.

Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the Medical Survey Questionnaire or the travel process, please do not hesitate to reach out to EHS at or call 540-231-3998.

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