Virginia Tech and HITT Contracting have made the mutual decision not to move forward with a proposal to jointly redevelop the university’s Northern Virginia Center in Falls Church. The prospect for property redevelopment stemmed from an unsolicited proposal submitted two years ago by HITT through a process governed by the Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act (PPEA). After a period of due diligence and business analysis, HITT and Virginia Tech jointly decided not to finalize a comprehensive agreement for the project.

Despite this news, the long-time partners remain committed to working together to advance “smart” building in the construction industry.

“Virginia Tech has a long history in Falls Church. We are committed to being there and working with Fairfax County, the City of Falls Church, and other partners to create a vibrant district around our campus,” said Dwayne Pinkney, senior vice president and chief business officer for Virginia Tech. “Our shared interests and connection to HITT remain strong as well. As illustrated by plans to start construction of Hitt Hall in Blacksburg this year, we will continue working to advance building construction research in areas that include smart buildings, adaptable construction materials, and advancement through sustainable practices and new technologies.”

The Falls Church PPEA included a new Virginia Tech academic building, a research center for smart design and construction, and a new headquarters for HITT. It was closely connected to redevelopment plans for adjacent properties, including a parcel owned by the Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and property owned by the City of Falls Church.

Megan Lantz, vice president of research and development for HITT said, “While the redevelopment project isn’t moving forward, we believe deeply in the partnership and our work together. HITT Contracting will continue to envision our new headquarters and the Institute for Smart Construction. We intend to collaborate with Virginia Tech through this journey, engaging some of the keenest building minds in the country to develop a cutting-edge facility that sets new standards in smart construction.”


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