From athletics enhancements like new seating, to multiple accessibility improvements and numerous administrative refurbishments, the university community will benefit from a host of renovations and construction projects completed by the Virginia Tech Facilities Department.

The projects highlighted below are a strong reflection of the Virginia Tech’s commitment to bolstering academic, residential, athletics, and learning offerings for the entire campus community.

Read along to learn more about some of the non-capital renovation projects completed between November 2019 and February 2020.

Academic and administrative renovation projects:

  • Durham Hall: Carpet replacement in Suite 300.
  • Equine Medical Center: Renovations to office spaces including a new conference room and pantry; installation of new roof.
  • Math Emporium: Installation of 300 energy-efficient LED lights and HVAC modifications (Green RFP project).
  • Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine: Renovation of Suite 129.
  • Whittemore Hall: Carpet and paint replacement in Suite 256.

Accessibility improvements:

  • April 16 Memorial: Enhancements include widened and continuously sloping pathways, accessible entry points into the upper garden, new accessible bench seating, and relocation of accessible parking spaces in closer proximity to the memorial.
  • Goodwin Hall: Installation of new pathway between east entry and main accessible entryway to the south; installation of new accessible seating area along the route.
  • Institute for Society, Culture, and Environment (ISCE Building): Installation of new accessible porch.
  • Patton Hall: Construction of new entry ramp that includes compliant sloping.
  • Seitz Hall: Installation of new accessible restrooms.

Athletics improvements:

  • Rector Field House: Installation of new trophy case and updated signage.
  • Tech Softball Park: Installation of new individual seats (eliminating bench seats).
  • Thompson Field: Installation of new wireless-controlled LED lighting that can be paired with music, scoring.

Agricultural improvements:

  • Kentland Farm: Installation of a new enclosed milking parlor for milking cows during the winter.
  • Eastern Shore AREC: Renovation of the greenhouse.


Roof replacements:

  • Equine Medical Center
  • Major Williams Hall
  • Military Building
  • Mining and Minerals Building
  • Shanks Hall

Along with noncapital renovation projects, a range of capital construction projects continue to progress across the Blacksburg campus.

Creativity and Innovation District

Construction kicked off spring 2019 at the Creativity and Innovation District (CID) site. Anchoring the initial development is a 225,000-gross-square-foot residential building. The CID residence hall is designed around two living-learning communities for the arts and entrepreneurship, while also weaving in housing for varsity student-athletes. The CID project is expected to be completed in summer 2021.

Holden Hall

Construction commenced in August 2019 at Holden Hall. The building, erected in 1940, houses the mining and minerals engineering and the materials science and engineering programs within the College of Engineering. The project will renovate the building’s three-story south wing. New construction will include the demolition of the single-story east and north wings, the replacement of the north wing with a new four-story wing, and the replacement of the east wing with a new three-story wing. New building features will include an autonomous mining lab, computational space, and laboratories. The renovations are anticipated to be complete in winter 2021.

Student Athlete Performance Center

Interior construction and site work began summer 2019 at the Student Athlete Performance Center renovation project, which will renovate the entire fourth floor and a portion of the third floor of Jamerson Athletic Center.

Upgrades will include an expanded dining area, a new full-service kitchen, new serving areas, new exterior balconies, a new service elevator, new two-story glass windows, and an angled roof. There will also be renovations to the existing corridor connecting the fourth floor of Jamerson to Cassell Coliseum. The project is expected to be completed in late fall 2020.

Chilled Water Infrastructure Upgrades

A major multiyear project, which broke ground in summer 2019, will deliver critical upgrades to Virginia Tech’s chilled water infrastructure. The chilled water system is a vital component of campus infrastructure. New 3,000-ton chillers will be installed in both chiller plants, including two in the North Chiller Plant and one in the Southwest Chiller Plant. Roughly four miles of underground piping will be installed across campus. The extensive piping network will connect the North and Southwest Chiller plants, along with buildings with stand-alone chiller systems, into one continuous chilled water loop.

The new chillers and expanded chiller network will not only improve chilled water capacity and distribution across campus, but also deliver enhanced operational and energy efficiency and cost savings for the university.

The project is expected to last approximately two-to-three years. Click here for the latest campus impacts.

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