On any given day, Shaun Taylor of Midlothian, Virginia, a senior majoring in political science in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences at Virginia Tech, can be seen donning a suit and tie. Or maybe it’s his Greek letters, a self-designed Hokie Effect shirt, a scouting uniform, or a soccer jersey and whistle.

His many commitments that have served others in so many ways have prepared him for success once he graduates from Virginia Tech Dec. 19.

Taylor joined Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity in spring 2012. In January 2013, Taylor was elected president of the fraternity’s Xi Omega Chapter as the youngest president in chapter history. He led the fraternity in an effort to challenge the stereotype and culture of fraternities.

“I was part of a team that took what was expected from us and said, ‘That’s not good enough,’" said Taylor. "We strived for excellence, and I’d like to think that, in some way, we found it.”

For his efforts, Taylor was named Virginia Tech's Outstanding Fraternity President of the Year. During his tenure, Tau Kappa Epsilon received Virginia Tech’s Fraternity Chapter of the Year award and was recognized as one of the top TKE chapters in the nation.

In addition to leading a fraternity, Taylor dedicates countless hours to coaching multiple soccer teams in the New River Valley. 

“I coach soccer because I love the game and I believe that the lessons you learn through the game can help mold young people’s lives,” said Taylor. 

When school is not in session, he works with a children’s program at a fitness center in his hometown, investing in the lives of children both in Blacksburg and Midlothian.

For 12 years, Taylor was a member of Boy Scouts. He began as a Tiger Cub when he was five years old, and, at 17, he earned the rank of Eagle Scout. 

“Scouting was a huge part of my life and taught me discipline, time management, leadership, and service. Giving back to the community just came naturally as a scout, and that’s why I joined the fraternity when I came to Virginia Tech,” said Taylor.

Although he is majoring in political science, Taylor also has a creative streak, and has been selected four times as winner of the Hokie Effect slogan contest. Two Maroon Effect shirts, a Basketball Blackout shirt, and a Maroon Monsoon shirt are his designs. 

"It’s pretty cool walking around campus seeing people wear them or walking into Squires (Student Center), knowing that my shirts are hanging on the wall,” said Taylor. “I like the idea of being able to leave a little piece of me behind after I graduate.”

Taylor spent this summer as an intern for the Republican Governors Association in Washington, D.C. He worked closely with the political directors in campaign finance, public polling, and advertising in preparation for the 2014 gubernatorial elections. 

“It’s funny because people have called me ‘Mr. President’ for years, but now, as I graduate and determine my career goals, I’m only half joking when I say I want to become president,” said Taylor. He hopes to run for public office in the future. Following graduation, he plans to look for jobs around Washington, D.C.

His advice to future students is, “There is something here for everyone. You might have to step out of your comfort zone a little bit, but I guarantee it will be worth it.”

Written by Holly Paulette.

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