Need holiday presents or color in your office? Students in the Fish and Wildlife Graduate Student Association at Virginia Tech’s College of Natural Resources and Environment have published a 2015 calendar that showcases their work around the world.

Each month features a color photo taken by one of the students relating to his or her research. Topics range from frogs, piping plovers, freshwater mussels, Cerulean warblers, salamanders, yellow-bellied marmots, cheetahs, darters, Madagascar’s chameleons, and bluehead chubs to endangered Carolina northern flying squirrels and camera-trapped wildlife in Botswana.

Heading up the student fundraising project are Amanda Hyman, president of the Fish and Wildlife Graduate Student Association, and Cordie Diggins, vice president.

Those interested in purchasing the calendars can download an order form or email Amanda Hyman or Cordie Diggins. One calendar costs $12; three or more are $10 each. Customers will be notified when calendars are ready for pick up in Cheatham Hall.

The Fish and Wildlife Graduate Student Association, which serves as an intermediary between its graduates students and faculty, and mentors new students, will use the proceeds to host guest speakers, create a travel grant, and fund business and social events.

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