Virginia Tech marks International Education Week Nov. 14 through 18 with the launch of VT Navigate, a website that shows, country by country and city by city, the university’s campuses, centers, and global projects. VT Navigate can be found on the Outreach and International Affairs homepage.

Users can click and zoom to drill down to localities across the map. Links, tied to locations on the map, show details of Virginia Tech’s international presence, which ranges from a historic center in Switzerland to multimillion dollar food-security research projects in Africa to faculty-led trips for students abroad. 

Some of the projects involve memoranda of understanding between Virginia Tech and foreign governments and universities, while others involve the work of individual faculty members such as Kathleen Alexander of the College of Natural Resources and Environment, whose Botswana research helps protect wildlife and reduce poverty.

Some background about Virginia Tech’s international work: The Office of International Research, Education, and Development oversees projects in more than 40 countries throughout Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Europe. For the past 30 years, Virginia Tech has been committed to taking gender issues into account in global poverty reduction. In a robust program of education abroad, Virginia Tech sends approximately 1,200 students overseas each year.

To provide feedback, including nominations of information to add, email the VT Navigate team.

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