Virginia Tech Police Chief Wendell Flinchum and the Virginia Tech Police Department are pleased to announce the addition of two new members to the department -- Boomer, a two year old yellow labrador retriever and Boris, a two-year old German shepherd.

Both K-9’s come to Virginia Tech from Germany by way of an Ohio police dog trainer and supplier.

Boomer and his handler, Officer Larry Wooddell, graduated from the Virginia State Police K-9 training school this summer. In addition to being Virginia Tech’s first explosives detection K-9, Boomer is also one of only a few such dogs in this region of Virginia.

Boris, the department’s new apprehension and narcotic detection K-9, replaces 11-year-old Hokie who has retired after eight years of service to the Virginia Tech community.

Boris’ handler, Officer Keith Weaver, says “the addition of K-9’s to the department has been a great tool for building relationships with the students.”

The departments first retiring K-9, Hokie, will spend his retirement with Officer Weaver and his family.

For more information about the Virginia Tech Police Department or its K-9 program, visit the department website.

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