The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, continued appointments, and administrative promotions at its June 12 meeting.

Promotion with tenure to associate professor, collegiate faculty:

  • Jeffrey B. Arthur, management;
  • James C. Bergh, entomology;
  • Ebru K. Bish, industrial and systems engineering;
  • Pamelia E. Brott, educational leadership and policy studies;
  • R. Michael Buehrer, electrical and computer engineering;
  • Clare J. Dannenberg, English; 
  • Weiguo (Patrick) Fan, accounting and information systems;
  • April L. Few, human development;
  • John H. Fike, crop and soil environmental sciences;
  • Aaron S. Goldstein, chemical engineering; 
  • Denis Gracanin, computer science;
  • Médoune Guèye, foreign languages and literatures; 
  • Thurmon E. Lockhart, industrial and systems engineering;
  • Thomas L. Martin, electrical and computer engineering
  • D. Scott McCrickard, computer science; 
  • John M. McDowell, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science;
  • Marian B. Mollin, history; 
  • Christopher L. North, computer science;
  • Moses E. Panford, foreign languages and literatures; 
  • Manuel Pérez-Quiñones, computer science; 
  • Philip J. Radtke, forestry; 
  • Rebecca K. Splan, animal and poultry sciences; 
  • Christopher D. Teutsch, crop and soil environmental sciences;
  • Linda G. Wallace, accounting and information systems;
  • R. Janell Watson, foreign languages and literatures;
  • Yonsenia S. White, art and art history;
  • Sharon Witonsky, large animal clinical sciences
  • Craig A. Woolsey, aerospace and ocean engineering; and
  • Zhaomin Yang, biological sciences; 

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor, collegiate faculty:

  • Jonathan A. Abbott, small animal clinical sciences;
  • Thomas R. Fox, forestry; 
  • Robert E. Lang, Metropolitan Institute; 
  • Adrian Sandu, computer science;
  • Danesh K. Tafti, mechanical engineering; and
  • Gordon Yee, chemistry.

Promotion to professor, collegiate faculty:

  • Gregory S. Amacher, forestry;
  • Paul Angermeier, fisheries and wildlife sciences;
  • Jeffrey Borggaard, mathematics;
  • Brian M. Britt, interdisciplinary studies;
  • Deborah F. Cook, business information technology;
  • David F. Cox, chemical engineering;
  • Elizabeth G. Creamer, educational leadership and policy studies;
  • Patricia Dove, geosciences; 
  • Stefan M. Duma, mechanical engineering;
  • Kevin P. Granata, engineering science and mechanics;
  • Bernice L. Hausman, English;
  • James R. Heflin, physics;
  • Michael S. Hsiao, electrical and computer engineering;
  • Brian M. Kleiner, industrial and systems engineering;
  • John J. Lesko, engineering science and mechanics;
  • Wayne A. Scales, electrical and computer engineering;
  • Edward J. Smith, animal and poultry sciences;
  • John D. Stahl, English;
  • Robert Stephens, psychology;
  • Uwe C. Täuber, physics;
  • Uri Vandsburger, mechanical engineering;
  • Yue (Joseph) Wang, electrical and computer engineering; 
  • Mary Leigh Wolfe, biological systems engineering;
  • Dennis T. Yang, economics; and
  • Audrey Zink-Sharp, wood science and forest products.

Promotion to professor, extra-collegiate faculty:

  • Jeffrey L. Kirwan, Forestry Extension Specialist.

Promotion to associate professor, extra-collegiate faculty:

  • Ellen M. Krupar, University Libraries.

Administrative promotion to assistant professor, extra-collegiate faculty:

  • Mary C. Finn, technical services/expedited cataloging, University Libraries.

Administrative promotion to Extension agent, extra-collegiate faculty:

  • Karen Baker, Hampton Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Campbell John Barrett, Warren County Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Melanie Barrow, Henry Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Kaci Coppedge, Orange Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Susan French, Virginia Beach Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Scott Jerrell, Scott County Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Matthew Lewis, Northumberland Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Matthew Miller, Carroll County Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Jeannie Mullins, Lee County Virginia Cooperative Extension;
  • Sandra Shortridge, Buchanan County Virginia Cooperative Extension; and
  • Gary Thomas, King George Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Administrative promotion to Extension senior agent, extra-collegiate faculty:

  • Samuel Johnson, Westmoreland Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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