The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, continued appointments, and administrative promotions at its June 13 meeting.

Promotion with tenure to associate professor:

  • Ananda Abeysekara, interdisciplinary studies;
  • Doug A. Bowman, computer science; 
  • Caryle C. Brewster, entomology; 
  • Craig L. Brians, political science; 
  • Evelyn C. Brown, business information technology; 
  • Jeffrey Connor, engineering education;
  • T. Daniel Crawford, chemistry; 
  • Paul F. Emmons, architecture; 
  • Erik H. Ervin, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Alan R. Esker, chemistry; 
  • William J. FitzPatrick, philosophy; 
  • John M. Galbraith, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Glenda E. Gillaspy, biochemistry; 
  • Robert W. Grange, human nutrition, foods, and exercise; 
  • Tammy L. Henderson, human development; 
  • Ian Philip Herring, small animal clinical sciences; 
  • Chuanxue Hong, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science; 
  • Angela J. Huebner, human development; 
  • Shannon E. Jarrott, human development; 
  • Martin E. Johnson, mechanical engineering; 
  • Ann-Marie Knoblauch, art and art history; 
  • Tamara W. Knott, engineering education; 
  • Katharine F. Knowlton, dairy science; 
  • Sattar A. Mansi, finance, insurance, and business law; 
  • Audrey P. McElroy, animal and poultry sciences; 
  • Dini M. Miller, entomology; 
  • Djordje Minic, physics; 
  • Steven B. Phillips, crop and soil environmental sciences; 
  • Susanna Rinehart, theatre arts; 
  • Carin L. Roberts-Wollman, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Madeline E. Schreiber, geosciences; 
  • Holly L. Scoggins, horticulture; 
  • Tonya L. Smith-Jackson, industrial and systems engineering; 
  • Shrindhi Varadarajan, computer science; 
  • Jan Marinus (Rien) Visser, forestry; 
  • Erik C. Westman, mining and minerals engineering; 
  • James H. Westwood, plant pathology, physiology, and weed science; and
  • Shuhai Xiao, geosciences.

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor:

  • Marte S. Gutierrez, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • William R. Huckle, biomedical sciences and pathobiology;
  • Stephen Melville, biological sciences; and 
  • Stephen P. Prisley, forestry.

Promotion to the rank of professor:

  • Slimane Adjerid, mathematics; 
  • Linda M. Anderson, English; 
  • Karen J. Brewer, chemistry; 
  • Ing R. Chen, computer science; 
  • Andrea M. Dietrich, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Charles E. Frazier, wood science and forest products; 
  • Robert P. Gilles, economics; 
  • William Wat Hopkins, communication; 
  • Stephen L. Kampe, materials science and engineering; 
  • Robert H. Leonard, theatre arts; 
  • Gail Letzter, mathematics; 
  • Nancy G. Love, civil and environmental engineering; 
  • Russell D. Meller, industrial and systems engineering; 
  • Julie L. Ozanne, marketing; 
  • James W. Pease, agricultural and applied economics; 
  • Mehdi Setareh, architecture; 
  • Mark Shimozono, mathematics; 
  • Robert L. Smith, wood science and forest products; 
  • Bradley Jay Sullivan, forestry; 
  • Peter R. Wallenstein, history; and
  • Bevlee A. Watford, engineering education.

Continued appointment:

  • Caryl E. Gray, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion with continued appointment to the rank of associate professor:

  • Cathy M. Sutphin, agricultural and Extension education.

Promotion to the rank of associate professor:

  • Peter E. Doolittle, teaching and learning; and
  • Edward F. Lener, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion to the rank of assistant professor:

  • Heather H. Ball, instruction, reference, and outreach, University Libraries.

Promotion to the rank of clinical assistant professor:

  • Jennifer A. Brown, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Anne M. Desrochers, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Wallace L. Palmer, large animal clinical sciences; 
  • Alison A. Smith, large animal clinical sciences; and
  • Byron L. Young, large animal clinical sciences.

Promotion to the rank of senior Extension agent:

  • L. Dawn Barnes, Floyd County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; and
  • Linda Murphy, Culpeper County, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

Promotion to the rank of Extension agent:

  • Adria Bordas, Fairfax County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Jennifer Bowen, Prince Edward County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Scott Byars, Fluvanna County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Stephanie Diehl, Rockingham County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Adam Downing, Madison County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • John Howe, Fauquier County, Northern District, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Elizabeth Johnson, Bland County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Christopher Lichty, Pulaski County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • William Mullins, Dickenson County, Virginia Cooperative Extension; 
  • Karen Munden, Virginia Beach, Virginia Cooperative Extension; and
  • Guy Mussey, Stafford County, Virginia Cooperative Extension.

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