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Former President Donald Trump faces indictment

No former president in the history of the United States has faced a criminal indictment, until Donald Trump who is expected to turn himself in Tuesday in response to a reported 30 counts handed down by a New York grand jury. With the indictment still sealed, the nature of the charges remains unclear. As the situation evolves, Virginia Tech political science professors Brandy Faulkner, Nicholas Goedert, and Karen Hult can provide perspectives on the significance of this unprecedented event, and what it could mean for the future of leadership, governance and the election process.

More severe weather expected this week

Another round of strong storms ripped through parts of the U.S. over the weekend leaving behind extensive damage in several states. At least 31 people are dead. Now, more severe weather is expected Tuesday. Meanwhile, the northern Plains and upper Midwest are bracing for what could be the biggest snowstorm of the year. Dave Carroll, a meteorology instructor, is available to discuss these severe weather patterns, the science behind the damage, and who is at risk this week.

Twitter Blue checkmarks only for those who pay — can you believe what they say?

The Twitter social media network, purchased last year by tech mogul Elon Musk, will at last follow through on pledged changes to its “blue check” authentication system. Before, Twitter Blue was only available to at times arcanely-selected celebrities, creative types and media personalities, who had to undergo a screening process to prove their identity. Going forward, Twitter Blue will be available to anyone who pays a monthly fee. Virginia Tech social media expert Megan Duncan can speak about what this will mean for Twitter’s status as a credible information source.

Spring brings flowers, green leaves, and sneezing — how to tame those allergies

Allergy season is upon us, but when we have that runny nose, stuffy head, nagging cough and fatigue, how can we really know if the symptoms we’re experiencing are caused by an allergy, or something else like a common cold, the flu, or even COVID-19?  Dr. Aneysa C. Sane, an allergist-immunologist who teaches at the Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, explains how to recognize allergy symptoms and how to treat them. “Itching is a cardinal symptom that differentiates allergy from viral illness,” she says. “Even though it is called ‘hay fever’ there is no fever with allergy.”

Earth Day is April 22 

From the threat of rising seas on coastal cities and urban heat planning with the help of youth to getting the most out of your electric vehicle, our experts are available to talk about the impact their research is making on the environment and other climate-related headlines. We’ll be sharing a number of story ideas related to Earth Day in the coming week - stay tuned.

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