Launched almost 20 years ago, the Virginia Tech Life Science Seminar hosted by the Fralin Life Sciences Institute hosts seminars given by renowned scientists whose research connects to life sciences disciplines at Virginia Tech to speak on diverse topics, including infectious diseases, cancer biology, plant sciences, and genomics.  

The seminars are open to the Virginia Tech community and take place on Fridays at noon at Fralin Auditorium in Fralin Hall on the Blacksburg campus.

Invited speakers from industry, other universities, and Virginia Tech will discuss topics that include microbes or plants interaction with their environment, vaccines development, cell health, and how genome sequencing supports efforts to maintain biodiversity.

To view the fall lineup of invited speakers, visit the series event page.

Because of the pandemic, the series has been held virtually for the past two years, but this year will be in-person, virtual, or hybrid, with in-person attendance allowing faculty and students to meet with the speakers for in-depth discussions and to share their own work. Additionally, each speaker will meet with a group of graduate students following the seminar.

Speakers are nominated by life science faculty members who serve as hosts. Faculty are encouraged to suggest speakers for future semesters by filling out the form.


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