Letters are special.

They represent one of life’s earliest milestones and one of the quickest sparks for our memories. They provide a shared way to learn about the world and a personal basis for our unique identities. And they even play a key role in some of our favorite group activities, such as spelling “H-O-K-I-E-S” with 66,000 or so of our closest friends.

As Virginia Tech celebrates its 150th anniversary, it only makes sense that letters also provide the foundation — crafted in the spirit of a children’s book — for exploring the quintessential people, places, events, and activities that make our university great. We hope each letter sparks memories and conversations filled with what may be slightly exaggerated tales and what surely are bold aspirations for the future.

Such lists are primed for friendly debate and discussion, so we invite you to the conversation by sharing the letters and words that mean the most to you. Email us: VTMag@vt.edu.

We don’t think it’s a coincidence that “H” is for both “home” and “Hokies” and “S” is for both “sesquicentennial” and “special.” So, without further ado—and brought to you by the letters “V” and “T” and the number "150"—we present Virginia Tech from A to Z.

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