Bonnie Hamilton ’08, and Quentin Penn-Hollar ’09 welcomed twins Elizabeth and Rhys

“With twins, there’s always two times the fun and double the Hokie Spirit.”—Bonnie Hamilton ’08, and Quentin Penn-Hollar ’09, Richmond, Virginia, who welcomed twins, Elizabeth and Rhys, 4/12/21.

John Michael Payne ’17 and Holly Waide ’17 wedding

“Ours is a true Hokie love story. We met at Virginia Tech as sophomores in 2015 and have been together ever since!”—John Michael Payne ’17, Virginia Beach, Virginia, who married Holly Waide ’17, 8/14/21.

Dan Laird ’09, Brynn Ishler Laird ’09, and Carter and Wyatt

“In 2021, we logged our Hokie Hike at Blackwater Falls State Park in Davis, West Virginia, along with not one, but two sons, Carter and Wyatt.”—Dan Laird ’09, Lavale, Maryland, who along with Brynn Ishler Laird ’09, welcomed a son, Carter, 10/7/21.

Austin Dunkham Traylor ’16 wedding celebration

“Our wedding celebration included friends, family, and lots of Hokies.”—Austin Dunkham Traylor ’16, Richmond, Virginia, who married Brandon Traylor, 7/17/21.

Ryker Spinetto

“We wanted to share a Hokie Welcome with our Virginia Tech family.”—Ashley Rood Spinetto ’07, Reston, Virginia, who along with Jonathan N. Spinetto ’07 welcomed a son, Ryker, 9/1/21.

Oliver Ash Dotson

“Oliver is ready to cheer on the Hokies!”—Tyler Dotson, MACIS ’17, Pulaski, Virginia, who welcomed a son, Oliver Ash, 1/19/21.

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