Virginia Tech strongly rejects all forms of prejudice and discrimination and condemns deliberate, hateful actions. We were personally deeply saddened to learn about an act of vandalism against a ministry in our community.

This incident does not reflect who we are at Virginia Tech and the Principles of Community that guide us. We fully support Blacksburg Police in their effort to investigate this matter and encourage anyone in the community with information to come forward.

Virginia Tech has made tremendous progress over the last several years in building a more thoroughly diverse and inclusive university. Our belief in the inherent dignity and value of every person has never been stronger.

Yet incidents like this remind us that the journey to equity and social justice – whether in our community or others across the country – will be long and hard-fought. Our community’s strong and swift reaction to this incident gives me confidence in the culture we’re building and our shared commitment to see our vision through.

The following resources are available to anyone in the university community who needs assistance or counseling as a result of this incident:

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