The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors approved the following promotions, tenure, and continued appointments at its June 8 meeting.

Promotion to associate professor with tenure

  • Abiola Akanmu, Myers-Lawson School of Construction
  • Paul Avey, political science
  • Xianming (David) Bai, materials science and engineering
  • Diana Bairaktarova, engineering education
  • Michael Bortner, chemical engineering
  • Aaron Brantly, political science
  • Katharine Cleland, English
  • Charles Dye, School of Performing Arts
  • Erica Feuerbacher animal and poultry sciences
  • Matthew Hebdon, civil and environmental engineering
  • Erin Hopkins, apparel, housing, and resource management
  • Haibo Huang, food science and technology
  • Jingjing (Jing) Huang, accounting and information systems
  • Richard Hunt, management
  • Farrokh Jazizadeh Karimi, civil and environmental engineering
  • Caitlin Jewitt, political science
  • Vasileios (Vassilis) Kekatos, electrical and computer engineering
  • Shihoko Kojima, biological sciences
  • Vivica Kraak, human nutrition, foods, and exercise
  • Feng Lin, chemistry
  • Richard Masters, School of Performing Arts
  • Nicholas Mayhall, chemistry
  • Na Meng, computer science
  • Reza Mirzaeifar, mechanical engineering
  • Daniel Orr, mathematics
  • Richard Phillips, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Ryan Pollyea, geosciences
  • Ashley Reed, English
  • Todd Schenk, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Hannah Scherer, agricultural, leadership, and community education
  • Maria Sharakhova, entomology
  • Earl (Tripp) Shealy, civil and environmental engineering
  • Carolyn Shivers, human development and family science
  • Daniel Slade, biochemistry
  • Stephanie Smith, communication
  • D. Sarah Stamps, geosciences
  • Sally Taylor, entomology
  • Lee Vinsel, science, technology, and society

Promotion to professor with tenure

  • Hehuang (David) Xie, biomedical sciences and pathobiology

Tenure at the currently held rank of associate professor

  • Sheila (Charlie) Klauer, Virginia Tech Transportation Institute/industrial and systems engineering
  • Frank Shushok, agricultural, leadership, and community education
  • Costin Untaroiu, biomedical engineering and mechanics

Promotion to professor

  • Ariel Ahram, School of Public and International Affairs
  • Joseph Baker, electrical and computer engineering
  • Maria Balota, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Brenda Brand, School of Education
  • Jonathan Carmouche, orthopaedic surgery
  • Stanca Ciupe, mathematics
  • Devasmita Dev, internal medicine
  • Roseanne Foti, psychology
  • Suqin Ge, economics
  • Jason Grant, agricultural and applied economics
  • Aarnes Gudmestad, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Nathan Hall, University Libraries
  • Jason Holliday, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • David Holshouser, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • Tabitha James, business information technology
  • Mintai Kim, School of Architecture + Design
  • Lingjia Liu, electrical and computer engineering
  • Kevin (Todd) Lowe, aerospace and ocean engineering
  • Camillo Mariani, physics
  • Olga Massa, agricultural and applied economics
  • John Matson, chemistry
  • Constantin (Leonardo) Mihalcea, mathematics
  • Yasuo Miyazaki, School of Education
  • Derek Mueller, English
  • Stephanie Nagy-Agren, internal medicine
  • Kelly Pender, English
  • Robin Queen, biomedical engineering and mechanics
  • Mark Reiter, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences
  • David Sample, biological systems engineering
  • Vito Scarola, physics
  • Rachel Scott, religion and culture
  • Brian Strahm, forest resources and environmental conservation
  • Tatsu Takeuchi, physics
  • Pablo Tarazaga, mechanical engineering
  • J. Matthew Vollmer, English
  • Alan Wang, business information technology
  • Thomas Williams, School of Education
  • Pengtao Yue, mathematics
  • Bonnie Zare, sociology
  • Liqing Zhang, computer science
  • Bingyu Zhao, School of Plant and Environmental Sciences

Promotion to associate professor

  • Irving C. (Coy) Allen, basic science education
  • Peter Apel, orthopaedic surgery
  • Marc Brodsky, University Libraries
  • Moises Cossio, internal medicine
  • Apostolos Dallas, internal medicine
  • Evelyn Garcia, radiology
  • David Iglesias, obstetrics and gynecology
  • Suzanna Jamison, internal medicine
  • Daniel Lollar, surgery
  • Anthony Loschner, internal medicine
  • Jayasimha Rao, internal medicine
  • Sarah Rivelli, psychiatry and behavioral medicine
  • Arnold Salzberg, surgery
  • James Smyth, basic science education
  • Umar Sofi, internal medicine
  • Keith Stephenson, surgery
  • Sachinder Vasudeva, psychiatry and behavioral medicine

Promotion to advanced instructor

  • Wesley Gwaltney, agricultural technologies
  • Ingrid Johnson, English
  • Ragheda Nassereddine, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Alma Robinson, physics
  • Christine Steer, modern and classical languages and literatures
  • Hannah Wildman Short, philosophy
  • Sohei Yasuda, mathematics

Promotion to senior instructor

  • Nicolin Girmes-Grieco, human nutrition, foods, and exercise
  • Jessica Hurdus, mathematics
  • Thomas Reilly, marketing

Promotion to assistant professor of practice

  • Margie Deck, management

Promotion to associate professor of practice

  • Lynn Almond, accounting and information systems
  • Jeff Joiner, School of Visual Arts
  • Jason Malone, finance, insurance, and business law
  • Martha Sullivan, School of Architecture + Design

Promotion to professor of practice

  • W. Michael Butler, engineering education
  • Nadia Rogers, accounting and information systems
  • Cara Spicer, finance, insurance, and business law

Promotion to collegiate assistant professor

  • Arthur Ball, electrical and computer engineering
  • Kirsten Rutsala, modern and classical languages and literatures

Promotion to collegiate associate professor

  • Kristin Lamoureux, hospitality and tourism management
  • Joseph Mukuni, School of Education

Promotion to clinical associate professor

  • Katherine Wilson, large animal clinical sciences

Promotion to Clinical Professor

  • Lee Cooper, psychology

Promotion to research assistant professor

  • Justin Carstens, electrical and computer engineering
  • Qingyu Liu, electrical and computer engineering
  • Xiaoguang Wang, electrical and computer engineering
  • Yijun Xu, electrical and computer engineering

Promotion to research associate professor

  • Hao Shi, animal and poultry sciences
  • Terry Lohrenz, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute

Promotion to senior Extension agent

  • Elizabeth Johnson, Bland County Cooperative Extension
  • Leslie Prillaman, Roanoke Cooperative Extension
  • Sandra Weekley, Buchanan County Cooperative Extension

Promotion to Extension agent

  • Kasey Fioramonti, Scott County Cooperative Extension
  • Elizabeth Gorimani-Mundoma, City of Chesapeake Cooperative Extension
  • Rachael Morris, Mathews County Cooperative Extension
  • Jonette Mungo, Carroll County Cooperative Extension
  • Sarah Pratt, Giles County Cooperative Extension
  • Dillon Robinson, Lunenburg County Cooperative Extension
  • Megan Sheets, Rockbridge County Cooperative Extension
  • Rebekah Slabach, Halifax County Cooperative Extension
  • Rebecca Wilder, Rockbridge County Cooperative Extension

The Office of the Provost provided the information for this story. Content-related questions should be directed to Cyndi Hutchison at 540-231-2350.

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