Concerns are growing with members of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration that efforts to impeach Donald Trump could provide distractions from implementing an aggressive Biden legislative agenda, according to Virginia Tech political expert Karen Hult.

“Certainly, the degree of anger and uncertainty further complicate the already difficult beginning of the Biden-Harris administration,” said Hult.  “Even more of the new president's time, attention, and energy will have to be devoted to promoting calm and more peaceful discussion around the country and in Washington, while also trying to reassure the rest of the world that a constructive shifting of power has taken place.”

Among items for Congress to deal with – and already delayed – confirmation of Biden’s cabinet appointees, an additional coronavirus relief package, rebuilding the economy and climate change initiatives.  

The Senate is not scheduled to be back in session until Jan. 19 at the earliest. And, unlike at the start of several recent administrations, few confirmation hearings for Cabinet nominees have been scheduled, said Hult.

About Karen Hult

Virginia Tech political science professor Karen Hult serves on the advisory board to the White House Transition Project. She teaches political science at Virginia Tech and its Center for Public Administration & Policy, with expertise in the U.S. Presidency and organizational and institutional theory.

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