As voters anxiously await results of the Georgia elections for two U.S. Senate seats, Virginia Tech political expert Karen Hult says the outcome will have significant political implications for the incoming Biden Administration.

Quoting Hult

“The national significance of the election mostly involves control of the Senate: if one or both Republican candidates win, the Senate would remain under Republican control with Majority leader Mitch McConnell. If both Democratic candidates win, then the Senate would be split 50-50, with Democratic Vice President-elect Kamala Harris breaking the tie,” says Hult.

“For Democrats, having marginal control of the Senate would allow them to control which legislation reaches the floor and to work against some barriers in the confirmation process, especially for federal judges, where filibusters have been eliminated,” says Hult. “If one or both of the Republicans win, gridlock on many issues appears more likely, and President Biden likely would face serious problems in getting major legislation considered and some of his nominees confirmed.”

More generally, Hult says the direction and priorities of the Republican Party are being contested, as is Donald Trump’s continued control over party officeholders and voters.

“Underlying many discussions of the Georgia senate elections - congressional certification of the Electoral College results, President Trump’s actions leading up to January 20th, and the inauguration - are serious concerns about the condition and resilience of the U.S. as a constitutional republic – in the eyes of U.S. citizens and observers around the world.”

About Karen Hult

Virginia Tech political science professor Karen Hult serves on the advisory board to the White House Transition Project. She teaches political science at Virginia Tech and its Center for Public Administration & Policy, with expertise in the U.S. Presidency and organizational and institutional theory.

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