Whether bolstering his skills around identifying the key signs of impaired driving or completing extensive police academy training on his own volition, Virginia Tech Police Officer of the Year George Gymer is deeply committed to advancing his law enforcement competencies.

He is also as equally dedicated to sharing this knowledge with fellow members of the police department and putting it into action to enhance the safety and security of the campus community.

Gymer’s enthusiasm for learning and proactive spirit earned him recognition as 2019 Virginia Tech Police Officer of the Year. He was presented with the inaugural award at a Feb. 24 ceremony.

Since joining the Virginia Tech Police Department in June 2018, Gymer has obtained advanced training in a multitude of law enforcement topics, including intoxicated driving prevention, field sobriety testing, and general law enforcement instruction, among others.

He conducts ongoing trainings for the department on topics like DUI enforcement, traffic stop safety, and court testimony. He is highly engaged in the efforts of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) on campus.

Gymer also strives to be highly knowledgeable in the law and university policy. His expansive knowledge base and diligent follow-through have served him well as lead officer in numerous on-campus investigative cases.

“George is driven by a resilient commitment to enhance the quality of life and safety of the university community. In the short time he has been with the department, he has exemplified Ut Prosim in action daily through the genuine connections he has forged and his professional development activities. He continues to be a strong role model for his fellow officers – and far beyond the police department,” said Police Chief Mac Babb.

Prior to joining Virginia Tech, Gymer served almost 15 years as a firefighter in his native South Carolina.

Gymer’s favorite part about being a Virginia Tech police officer is the opportunity to engage with students across all corners of campus. From honing his “flossing” dancing skills in the residence halls to dining alongside students in D2, every interaction brings a new opportunity to deepen bonds and communication between the police department and students.

Officer George Gymer flossing with students in motion around him
Officer Gymer practicing his flossing skills with students. Sarah Myers for Virginia Tech.
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