Virginia Tech political scientist Karen Hult will be available to discuss developments in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.  Karen Hult is Chair and Core faculty, Center for Public Administration & Policy, School of Public & International Affairs. She teaches political science at Virginia Tech, with expertise in the U.S. Presidency and Organizational and Institutional Theory.

“Adding to the distinctiveness of this case are that this is happening during the first term of President Trump’s presidency;  the President’s approval levels remain low, as they have throughout his presidency, but have not dropped noticeably; and partisan and ideological polarization are high both in Congress and among citizens,” said Hult.  

“Certainly, divided party government -- Republican President and Senate, Democratic House, -- the ongoing campaign for the Democratic nomination for president, recent military exchanges with Iran, growing charges and counter charges about misleading or “fake” news, and increasingly fragmented new media coverage and consumption help accelerate and amplify many divisions.”

Impeachment trial analysis from Professor Karen Hult is available for media outlets by contacting Bill Foy by email, or by phone at 540-998-0288, or Shannon Andrea by email or by phone at 571-858-3262.

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