Although no one can see it, the area surrounding several residence halls on the southeast side of campus has undergone a renovation of sorts.

Individuals moving through the area, including those who stop to take a break or get some work done in the fresh air, can now connect to Virginia Tech's high-performance wireless network. 

There is now an exterior wireless access point providing Wi-Fi using the VirginiaTech (guests) and eduroam (students, employees) networks across a large outdoor area between Peddrew-Yates and Pritchard residence halls. The access is especially helpful to those who use the university's only solar-powered table, which is located in that area.

The table, which was installed in April 2016 and is Americans with Disabilities Act compliant , allows people to operate and power their devices using built-in charging stations that supply 100 percent clean, renewable energy. 

Having comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and Wi-Fi access in the area encourages students to interact in more meaningful ways outside the classroom.

Other areas on campus that now have outdoor Wi-Fi include Turner Place Dining Center, Newman Library, Squires Student Center, and Dietrick Dining Hall. These projects have all been funded by the Hokie Parents Fund and were coordinated by Virginia Tech's Network Infrastructure and Services


Outdoor wi-fi access is now available in the  area near the Peddrow-Yates and Pritchard residence halls.
Outdoor Wi-Fi access is now available in the area near the Peddrew-Yates and Pritchard residence halls.
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