The Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets and the Virginia Tech football team continue their proud partnership to highlight the colors during the pre-game ceremony at every football game.

Three football players are selected, because of their performance in the last game or during practice, to carry the American flag, the state flag, and the team’s spirit flag as they lead the team onto the field. They carry the flags the length of the field and deliver them to cadets at the south end of the field.

The cadets performing this honor are also selected based on their performance during their training. The cadets render honor to the flags and then securely carry them off the field. At home games three freshman cadets are selected and one or two upper-class cadets travel with the team and receive the flags at away games.

Cadet Mike Reilly of Lovettsville, Va., a junior majoring in civil and environmental engineering in the College of Engineering who is a member of the Army ROTC program was selected to receive the flags at the University of Miami game. He will travel and lodge with the team, as well as participate in all team meetings and meals.

Cadet Maj. Peter Seggel of Lavallette, N.J., a senior majoring in history in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences who is a member of Army ROTC explains why he nominated Reilly to represent the Corps of Cadets in Miami, “Cadet Reilly is an exceptional junior cadet and deserves to go to this football game to represent the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets. His dedication during Cadre/New Cadet Week, Red Phase, and White Phase has become the example for others to follow. First year cadets under his leadership and guidance during Red Phase have excelled in their time here and are improving each and every day. This is a testament to his hard work and mentorship skills. While maintaining an excellent leadership presence Cadet Reilly has also been able to balance Army ROTC and his civil and environmental engineering major successfully. He always maintains a professional demeanor in all of his actions and remains determined to be the best cadet he can be. Sending Cadet Reilly to this game will not only motivate and encourage him further, it will also demonstrate to other cadets that the example he has set is something to emulate and be proud of.”

Seggel’s words also explain why this program is so valuable in recognizing superior performers, as well as showcasing them as role models for all other cadets.

Reilly looks forward to serving in the U.S. Army, following in the footsteps of both his father and brother.

Future cadets will continue to be selected for this honor based on their performance in the cadet regiment. The program is part of the proud partnership the Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets has with the Virginia Tech Athletic Department and the Virginia Tech football team.

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