Six graduate students from Virginia Tech participated in the Sixth Annual Graduate Student Research Forum and Reception on Feb. 3 at the Library of Virginia in Richmond. 

Virginia Tech participants were among more than 50 students from public universities across the commonwealth who presented research posters for invited guests including members of the General Assembly and their staff, other members of state government, industry representatives, and university faculty/administrators.  The forum was also open to the general public

“Much of the research presented aligns with the priorities of the Virginia Economic Development Partnership (VEDP), demonstrating the critical link between university research and the economic development of the commonwealth,” said Jeff Anderson, president and CEO of VEDP.

Representing Virginia Tech were

  • Tyler D. Aarons, of Sinking Spring, Pa., a master’s student in aerospace engineering in the College of Engineering, whose research title was “Multidisciplinary Design for Flight Test of a Scaled Joining Wing Sensor Craft;”
  • Sebastian I. Arriola Apelo, of Montevideo, Uruguay, a doctoral student in dairy sciences in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, whose research title was “Protein Synthesis Regularion by Nutrients and Hormones in Mammary Epithelial Cells;”
  • Courtney A. Haynes, of Freeport, Pa., a doctoral student in biomedical engineering in the College of Engineering, with “Developing a Decision Support System for Panelized Home Construction;
  • Heidi Y. Lawrence, of Bealeton, Va., a doctoral student in rhetoric and writing in the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences, researched “The Persuasive Appeal of Vaccine Refusal;”
  • Colin J. Reagle, of Centerville, Va., a doctoral student in mechanical engineering in the College of Engineering, whose research title was “Experimental Aero-Heat Transfer and Deposition Under Realistic Engine Conditions;” and
  • Kyle G. Wilmsmeyer, of Granite City, Ill., a doctoral student in chemistry in the College of Science, who researched “Understanding Dynamics and Weak Molecular Interactions in Complex Fluids.” 

Attending as coordinator from the Virginia Tech Graduate School was Rosemary Blieszner, Alumni Distinguished Professor of Human Development in the College of Liberal Arts Human Sciences, and associate dean of the graduate school.

“Our students commented on the value of gaining a broad interdisciplinary perspective on research topics they don’t usually see when attending meetings of their scholarly societies,” said Blieszner.

“Virginia Tech has recently been named a Commonwealth Center for Aerospace Propulsion Systems (CCAPS), which will create a stronger partnership between industry and academia,” said Reagle. Rolls Royce funds his research in partnership with the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The Virginia Council of Graduate Schools sponsored the forum. 



Written by T. Lynn Caldwell.

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