The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech invites university and local community members to submit their feedback on arts programming through a five-minute, anonymous survey.

By completing the survey, participants can chose to be entered into a drawing to win two full-access tickets, valued at more than $200, to the entire Center for the Arts-sponsored Vocal Arts and Music Festival, June 17 through July 1.

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The survey is being conducted for the Center for the Arts as part of a research project through the marketing department in the Pamplin College of Business. The research project is led by Donna Wertalik, marketing instructor and faculty advisor to Pi Sigma Epsilon, with Kent Nakamoto, marketing department head, and marketing graduate students Lauren Prociv, of Centreville, Va., and Brian Covington, of Herndon, Va. Prociv and Covington hold a bachelor's degree in marketing management, and bachelor's degrees in marketing management and psychology, respectively, from Virginia Tech.

The researchers and the Center for the Arts are interested in hearing about community members' experiences and preferences related to arts and cultural events. This feedback will be informative as Ruth Waalkes, executive director of the Center for the Arts, refines programming concepts. "The Center for the Arts at Virginia Tech will bring new types of programs to the community, and expand the arts landscape in Blacksburg. The feedback from this survey is important to us, not only to hear what types of programs people currently enjoy or would like to see, but also to understand why people take part in cultural programming. It will give us a baseline to measure impact down the road, and can inform in part what we present and how we structure programs as we start out,” Waalkes said.

A summary of the survey results will be posted during the spring semester to



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