For more than three months, the entire Virginia Tech community, along with thousands upon thousands around the world, has held out hope for the safe return of Morgan Harrington.

Sadly, today’s news from Albemarle County has put an end to that hope, and once again, we find our strength and resilience tested in the face of profound grief and loss.

Amidst this overwhelming sadness, perhaps the most important work we can do is to turn our efforts toward the support of Morgan’s family, her friends, and those in our community who may well struggle to cope with this terrible tragedy.

There can be little doubt that many here and elsewhere will be deeply affected by today’s sad news, and, as we have done in the past, I am confident that we will be sensitive and aware of both our own needs, and those of our colleagues and fellow students around us. Please turn to others and seek help if at all necessary, and encourage others to do likewise. Those who seek solace or desire counseling support may contact:

Referrals to a campus cleric may be done through the Dean of Students Office at (540) 231-3787.

Charles W. Steger
President, Virginia Tech

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