Wilma A. Dunaway, professor in the School of Public and International Affairs, has created three websites that provide a treasure trove of historic images, narratives, and information about economic history, slaves and 19th-century women in the American Mountain South.

Dunaway’s resources challenge mythology about Appalachia and provide teachers with easy access to regional diversity resource materials. Her resources include

  • Lectures, books, and articles about challenging mythology about Appalachia;
  • Lectures, books, and articles about slavery and the Black Appalachian family;
  • Antebellum illustrations of slavery in Appalachian Va.;
  • Images of enslaved children;
  • Links to electronic sources that teachers can employ in classroom instruction;
  • Information about published source materials (primary and secondary) that teachers can employ to design their teaching units; and
  • Images of antebellum Appalachian women.

These resources and more are found on Dunaway’s three websites:

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