George Hagerman, senior research associate, Center for Energy and the Global Environment at the Virginia Tech Advanced Research Institute in the National Capital Region, has received an Offshore Leadership Award (OLA) from the U.S. Department of the Interior's Minerals Management Service (MMS).

The award is given annually to individuals who perform voluntary acts or services that assist MMS in accomplishing important objectives in the areas of offshore energy and minerals management and have led to safer operations and greater environmental protections. Hagerman was recognized for demonstrating outstanding dedication to the emerging renewable energy program by providing comprehensive, accurate, valuable, and educational information on offshore renewable energy technologies.

"This years Offshore Leadership Award winners deserve special recognition for their contribution to the advancement of safe, professional, and environmentally conscious OCS operations," said Walter Cruickshank, MMS acting director. "Through their initiatives, the Minerals Management Service has improved the way we accomplish our missions and we thank the Offshore Leadership Award class of 2009 for their work."

Hagerman and 12 other recipients of the OLA award were recognized during the recent Offshore Technology Conference at Reliant Park in Houston, Texas.

The Center for Energy and the Global Environment is a research and educational center at the Advanced Research Institute, Virginia Tech National Capital Region that examines issues related to energy and energy’s role in the global environment. Its mission is to promote cooperation among diverse groups interested in sustainable energy development, and to act as a catalyst for developing solutions to environmental problems in many regions of the world.

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