Virginia Tech Theatre Arts Visiting Instructor Michael Anthony Williams is in the cast of Jodie Foster's new movie, The Brave One, being released to theatres around the nation on Friday, Sept. 14, by Warner Brothers Studios.

Michael Anthony Williams joined Virginia Tech’s Department of Theatre Arts faculty this year. His work on stage, in television, and on film, landed him his second Jodie Foster film and he admits he was extremely “giddy to work and learn even more about the craft from the best.”

During his first movie with Foster, Contact, in 1997, Williams learned that her personality is both very warm and professional. So last July, while shooting The Brave One’s subway scene, he was not at all surprised when Foster recalled working with him before and noticing that he had grown a beard since then. Williams says he was flattered but that he also got a great kick out of the admiration and respect other cast members showed him after she had remembered their previous acquaintance.

Along with Foster and Williams, The Brave One includes Naveen Andrews who is currently starring as Sayid Jarrah in the drama series “Lost,” Terrence Howard, who starred in the Oscar winning best picture “Crash,” Academy award winning actress Mary Steenburgen, and Nicky Katt.

Pleased to begin the 17th year of his artistic journey with colleagues and friends at Virginia Tech, Williams hopes that the “movie does extremely well so [he] can be part of making Virginia Tech a power in the entertainment industry.”

A product of Beloit College, with majors in theater and sociology, William’s experience extends professionally with associations including The Screen Actors Guild, the Association of Television and Radio Artists, the Actors Equity Association, and the American Screenwriter's Association. He brings training and experience to Virginia Tech from Second City Theatre Company, Ford’s Theatre productions and he has been nominated multiple times for the Joseph Jefferson Award (Chicago) and the Helen Hayes Award (Washington, DC).

He is well known in the world of theatre for his work in numerous roles from August Wilson’s “Decade Plays.” The extensive list of directors Williams has worked with includes such greats as M. Night Shyamalan, Howie Deutch, Jonathan Demme, Steve Gyllenhaal, Uli Edel, Clement Virgo, and Neil Jordan who directed The Brave One.

Williams is known throughout the New River Valley community for his starring role as Bynum Walker in last year’s Theatre Arts production of August Wilson’s Joe Turner’s Come and Gone.

For more information about Michael Anthony Williams, Theatre Arts at Virginia Tech, or upcoming events, call (540) 231-5200, or visit the Department of Theatre Arts website.

More information on The Brave One can be found online.

Story written by Chloe West.

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