Virginia Tech’s School of Public and International Affairs now offers a 12-hour graduate certificate in Nonprofit and Nongovernmental Organization (NGO) Management, allowing students and practitioners to fully develop their academic interests and in-service work in the nonprofit sector.

With its concentration on teaching, research, and outreach in the areas of governmental and nongovernmental public affairs and administration, the School of Public and International Affairs (SPIA) works to meet with its undergraduate and graduate programs the increasing demand for practitioners and scholars in the field of nonprofit and nongovernmental organization leadership and management. The new graduate certificate adds to these valued curricula.

“From grassroots social movements to domestic nonprofits to international NGOs, students’ varied nonprofit interests can be cultivated and enhanced with the new Nonprofit and NGO Management Certificate,” said John Randolph, SPIA director. “With our increasingly interdependent world, the non-profit sector often spans and connects the work of the public and private spheres. We are proud to offer a graduate certificate that will add to our students’ knowledge and expertise in this field,”

The graduate certificate in Nonprofit and NGO Management further highlights Virginia Tech’s education program in nonprofit and nongovernmental organizations. There are approximately 20 graduate-level courses related to nonprofit organization and management taught across the three SPIA programs: the Department of Urban Affairs and Planning (UAP), the Center for Public Administration and Policy (CPAP), and Government and International Affairs (GIA).

The student may undertake the program as a stand-alone credential of advanced educational achievement for non-degree students or as a supplement to a master’s or Ph.D. In addition to SPIA undergraduate and graduate students, participants from other Virginia Tech departments and colleges may earn this certificate. Faculty members teach certificate requirements and electives both at the main Blacksburg campus and other extended campuses, in particular, the National Capital Region’s Alexandria Center.

Click here for additional information on the graduate certificate in Nonprofit and NGO Management, including the application procedure and course requirements.

Within SPIA, the Institute for Governance and Accountabilities coordinates the research and outreach components of the school’s nonprofit initiative and is likewise responsible for spearheading the development of curricula oriented to civil society and the third sector in tandem with the school’s programs. Visit for more on this Institute.

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